Me , James , (hotelier), Betts and John on the steps of the Karumba Hotel.

Charley Pride                                             Johnny Cash                                                          Joan Baez

MY BRAG BOOK. Some of the famous people we met while our career was kicking off in W.A.

Then came the full time professional years. 1979 saw us on the road with the last "STEEL COUNTRY SHOW BAND". Our first bus, "ETTIE", named after one of our most ardent fans. This group consisted of Kirk Steel (piano/guitar), James Gillard (bass/vocals) John Green (lead guitar/vocals) Ken "Captain Good Vibes" Ramsey (drums) and Donna and me.

First TV appearance on Perth's NEW FACES

Artwork on the bus drawn by Kirk Steel

​​Donna's first TV appearance on ZOOM in W.A.

Rehearsing with 'THE OUTLAWS" in Ettie's garage prior to doing a six week tour of the Pilbara's mining camps. (1978) The Outlaws went on to become the world famous "NEW AGE SENSITIVE COWBOYS"

James and John missed the detour

sign two miles back.

Ken Ramsey "filling up" at the local service station in Karumba

One of Donna's first shows at Cleo's Fremantle