Then an event happened where I was involved in delivering a foal out in a paddock. Some people forwarded the sequence of events to the West Australian newspaper, where I was dubbed "The Drugstore Cowboy" . So when the Steel Country Showband folded, a new group was formed.

My first band while still in the navy

South Sea Strings   (early 1970)

The second band was formed late 1970 - to

early 1971.  "STEEL"  (still in the navy)

1972 saw the emergence of the new "STEEL COUNTRY SHOW BAND". Syd Nagle on bass, Sandy Watson on drums and Allen Geddes on guitar. These photos were taken in Fremantle prison where we performed two shows during 1972.

The "DRUGSTORE COWBOYS" had some success and were support act for Ray (Gitarzan) Stevens in May 1976

Things got more serious with the fourth incarnation of the 

"STEEL COUNTRY SHOW BAND". Syd Nagle on Bass and vocals, Allan Emons on lead guitar and vocals, Geoff Rendell on Drums, Wayne Reading on rythm guitar and vocals from 1973 to 1975.

Syd Nagle  Bass,Clarence Drums, me and Barry guitar and vocals.

These photos were taken at the Derby Leprosarium in 1973. We were flown up to do the Derby Boab Festival. Earle Reeve from ABC Radio asked if we could go out and do a concert at the leprosarium.